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Eugene Byrne, Author and well-known local history writer

H.A. Postlethwaite proved again and again that he was a talented photographer of people and places, with a special gift for capturing fleeting moments and everyday scenes. His black and white pictures are important documents of our city's past in their own right, and his colour photos, from a time when colour photography was in its infancy, offer us priceless glimpses of a Bristol which was about to change for ever.

Dr Jonathan Harlow, book reviewer for ALHA (Avon Local History & Archaeology)

HA Postlethwaite, HAP or Possy, (1888-1970) was a dedicated photographer, skilled and ‘amateur’ only in the sense that he worked as a full-time civil servant. He was proficient with black & white, colour and cine. (He also wrote short stories.) Though not a native, most of his later life was spent in Bristol. In this booklet, Veronica Bowerman outlines his life, both family and photographic. It is a full account and doubtless reliable, but regrettably, there are no references.

But the real glory of the book is in the photographs. There are several lively and affectionate portraits. But best of all are the images of pre-WW2 Bristol and area. Some, dating around 1939, are in colour – and in very delicate colour, watercolour rather than poster-paint. If the paperback is anything like the e-book version, buyers will get a bargain and a book to linger over more than once.

Peter Insole, Principal Historic Environment Officer, BCC:

Herbert Postlethwaite’s photographs present a unique picture of Bristol, not just because they are early colour images, but because they capture the city on the eve of the Second World War.

Being able to provide greater access to these photographs through the Know Your Place online mapping resource means that more people can see and gain an understanding of what these places were like and what people were doing in 1939.

Andy King, Senior Curator – Social, Industrial & Maritime History and Working Exhibits

Bristol Museums and Archives care for hundreds of thousands of photographic images. Among these, it’s still rare to find colour images of the period before and just after the Second World War and Herbert Postlethwaite’s slides are delightful examples. His choice of subject is often unusual, making them doubly valuable historically.

Tim Smart Committee Chairman, Bristol Video & Film Society (formerly known as Bristol Cine Society)

Many thanks! He (H A Postlethwaite) was certainly interesting - and multi-talented!